Out of Province Licence Holders

Physicians practising in another Canadian province or territory (except Nunavut*) may apply for an equivalent certificate of registration in Ontario. Their applications will be assessed under the labour mobility provisions in Ontario's Regulated Health Professions Act relating to the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).

These AIT-related provisions enable application on the basis of holding a current Canadian out-of-province licence, rather than on holding the specific postgraduate Canadian qualifications that would otherwise be required. Note, however, that the usual credentialing requirements and fees still apply.

* “Out-of-Province licence” means a licence or certificate to practise medicine granted by a medical regulatory authority in a Canadian province or territory that is a party to the Agreement on Internal Trade. Nunavut is not yet a party to the AIT.

Physicians Practising in Quebec

In April 2009, the Collège des médecins du Québec and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario signed an agreement to facilitate doctor mobility between the two provinces. The agreement applies to those physicians in Quebec and Ontario who hold a full, unrestricted, unconditional license for independent practice.

The AIT provisions in the Regulated Health Professions Act enable the same mobility of full licence holders between Ontario and Quebec. Applicants from Quebec holding a full licence should use the same application as other full licence holders in Canada.