CPSO\OPSDT Launches New Website for Discipline Tribunal


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OPSDT/TDMCO logosToronto — The Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal (OPSDT)/Tribunal de discipline des médecins et chirurgiens de l’Ontario (TDMCO) launched a new website, independent from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), consistent with changes made to create a modernized discipline process.

“This is another important step towards building a more accessible, transparent and efficient discipline process,” said David Wright, Chair of the OPSDT. “Establishing the OPSDT as a separate entity and hiring new expert adjudicators enables us to streamline the discipline process and ensure this is a system that physicians and the public can trust.”

The site, available in French and English, will provide the public with access to the upcoming hearings schedule, recent decisions made by the OPSDT, legal resources and more.

About the OPSDT

The Tribunal is a neutral and independent body, committed to holding fair, transparent and efficient hearings. By bringing together physicians and non-physicians from a variety of backgrounds and with expertise in conducting formal legal hearings, we are committed to making timely and well-reasoned decisions in a transparent manner that the public can have confidence in. To learn more about recent changes, please see the FAQ section.