Dr. Shazia Ambreen of Alliston receives Council Award


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On Friday, February 24, 2017 the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario will present the Council Award to Dr. Shazia Ambreen of Alliston, Ontario.

Since 2012, Dr. Ambreen has served as a family physician and GP Anesthetist at the Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston. She is also the hospital’s Chief of Family Medicine and President of the Professional Staff Association.

The Council Award is presented four times a year to physicians who have demonstrated excellence in the eight physician roles identified as the essential qualities needed to practise modern medicine. Together, these roles create a model for the ideal physician. Further details on the Council Award can be found in the attached backgrounder.

Dr. Ambreen is recognized for her strong advocacy for patient safety and her commitment to continuous improvement and excellent medical care.  Under her leadership, the hospital’s family medicine department has developed a number of quality improvement initiatives including better transition of care for patients from acute care to the community, better patient experience, and medication reconciliation on discharge.

She is also credited with introducing numerous hospital-wide quality improvement tools and procedures and participating in efforts to improve policies and procedures, including:

  • Creating a pre-operative screening tool to reduce anesthesia-related risk, resulting in enhanced patient care and safety. This tool is currently being used by the hospital and broader community physicians to identify high risk patients.
  • Leading a group of hospitalists, surgeons and emergency room physicians in the development of a standardized process for care of patients with gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • Actively participating in the implementation of procedures that decrease length of stay and readmission rates.
  • Streamlining the admission criteria to improve patient transfers from the emergency room to the surgical unit. 

“Dr. Ambreen’s accomplishments, commitment to her patients and determined efforts to improve health care in her community make her an outstanding example of the ideal physician,” said College President, Dr. David Rouselle. “The College Council is proud to recognize her achievements with this award.”

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the licensing and regulatory body governing the practice of medicine in Ontario.

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