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Need College Data?

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CPSO updated its data sharing policies to streamline requests. The College will consider requests for data from a standardized data set of active (registered) physicians by requestors seeking the information to assist in continuity of care, health resource planning and management. This means that research and commercial requests will not be eligible.

You can learn more about this update, the information we share and your eligibility in our FAQ.

To request data, please complete and submit our information request form.

Decision Tool

  • Who is making the request?
  • How does this request relate to health resource planning?
  • Does the request further the objects of the College? (See Data-Sharing FAQs)
  • Does it align with College priorities?
Data & Resources
  • What data is needed?
  • Does the College have the data?
  • How resource-intensive will producing the data be?
  • Does sharing the data present any risks, and are those risks acceptable to the College and its members?
  • If the data support research, is the requestor pursuing ethics board approval (a condition of approval)?
  • Is the requestor willing to enter into a data-sharing agreement (which the College will initiate)?
Decision Based on responses to these questions.