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Board Awards

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The Board Award is presented at a Board of Directors meeting to honour outstanding Ontario doctors who have demonstrated excellence and come closest to meeting society's vision of an "ideal physician".

Up to four award recipients are selected each year who reflect the diversity of Ontario physicians, considering aspects such as specialty, practice setting, populations served, and career stage.


The 2024 CPSO Board Award nomination period closed on September 15, 2023.

Thank you for submitting a nomination, and congratulations to those nominated.

Board Award recipients will be notified in early 2024.

Read about our most recent award recipient in eDialogueand view the full list of past award winners.

Selection Criteria

The nominated physician must have a proven track record of excellence in one or more of the following:

  • Clinical Care
  • Healthcare Innovations
  • Program Development
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Community Impact
  • Role Model
  • Teaching or Research

Eligibility for Nomination

  • To be eligible for nomination, a physician must be licensed in Ontario.
  • Previous nominees who were unsuccessful are eligible, and nominations are kept on file for two years.
  • Former recipients of the Board Award or the Excellence in Quality Management of Medical Care Award are not eligible for nomination. 
  • Board Directors, College staff, and members of their immediate families are also not eligible.