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CPSO Board Approves Governance Modernization Initiatives Through By-law Changes


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As part of the College’s work to modernize governance, it has conducted a comprehensive review and rewrite of its by-laws with the goal of improving clarity, and ensuring a strong, resilient governance model. At its December 2023 meeting, the Board of Directors approved a set of modernization initiatives effected through by-laws.

The changes promote clarity by aligning CPSO’s governance terminology with conventional terms more commonly used and understood by the public and other corporations and organizations. In addition, the language has been made more gender inclusive.

Here are the changes:

  • Council  > Board (of Directors) 
  • President > Chair (of the Board) 
  • Vice-President > Vice-Chair (of the Board) 
  • Councillors > Directors
    • Public Directors
    • Elected Directors
    • Academic Directors
  • Members > Registrants  
  • Annual General Meeting > Annual Organizational Meeting

Read more about CPSO's by-law changes.