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Committee Members

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  • A list of members of the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal is available on its website.

  • Board Directors

    Ms. Joan Fisk
    Dr. Rob Gratton — Past Chair
    Dr. Ian Preyra — Board Chair
    Dr. Lydia Miljan (PhD)
    Dr. Sarah Reid — Vice Chair
    Dr. Patrick Safieh

  • Board Directors Non-Board Physician Member

    Dr. Glen Bandiera
    Mr. Murthy Ghandikota
    Mr. Rob Payne — Vice Chair
    Mr. Peter Pielsticker
    Dr. Ian Preyra

    Dr. Thomas Bertoia — Chair

  • Board Directors Non-Board Members

    Dr. Madhu Azad
    Dr. Glen Bandiera
    Ms. Lucy Becker
    Dr. Marie-Pierre Carpentier
    Mr. Jose Cordeiro
    Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
    Dr. Rupa Patel
    Mr. Rob Payne
    Mr. Peter Pielsticker
    Ms. Linda Robbins
    Dr. Deborah Robertson
    Dr. Janet van Vlymen
    Ms. Shannon Weber

    Mr. Raj Anand
    Dr. Heather-Ann Badalato
    Dr. Catherine Grenier
    Dr. Stephen Hucker
    Dr. Allan Kaplan
    Ms. Shayne Kert
    Ms. Sherry Liang
    Ms. Sophie Martel
    Dr. Veronica Mohr
    Dr. Joanne Nicholson — Vice Chair
    Ms. Jennifer Scott
    Dr. James Watters
    Mr. David Wright — Chair
    Dr. Susanna Yanivker

  • Board Directors

    Dr. Madhu Azad
    Dr. Rob Gratton — Chair
    Ms. Shannon Weber
    Mr. Rob Payne
    Dr. Sarah Reid
    Dr. Ian Preyra — Vice Chair

  • Board Directors Non-Board Members

    Dr. Faiq Bilal, PhD
    Ms. Joan Fisk — Specialty Panel Chair, General
    Mr. Murthy Ghandikota
    Dr. Rob Gratton
    Dr. Lydia Miljan, PhD — Specialty Panel Vice Chair, General
    Mr. Fred Sherman
    Dr. Anne Walsh — Specialty Panel Chair, Obstetrical

    Dr. Kashif Ahmed
    Dr. Olufemi Ajani
    Dr. Trevor Bardell
    Dr. George Beiko
    Dr. Mary Jane Bell — Specialty Panel Chair, Internal Medicine
    Dr. Thomas Bertoia — ICRC Chair, Specialty Panel Chair, Surgical
    Dr. Mark Broussenko
    Dr. Paula Cleiman — Specialty Panel Chair, Family Practice
    Dr. Amie Cullimore
    Dr. Thomas Faulds — Specialty Panel Vice Chair, Settlement
    Dr. Daniel Greben — Specialty Panel Vice Chair, Mental Health & HIP
    Dr. Elaine Herer — Specialty Panel Chair, Obstetrical
    Dr. Christopher Hillis
    Dr. Asif Kazmi
    Dr. Samantha Kelleher
    Dr. Lara Kent — Specialty Panel Vice Chair, Family Practise
    Dr. Susan Lieff
    Dr. Jane Lougheed — ICRC Chair, Specialty Panel Vice Chair, Internal Medicine
    Dr. Diane Meschino
    Dr. Paul Miron
    Dr. Richa Mittal
    Dr. Robert Myers
    Dr. Wayne Nates
    Dr. Jude Obomighie
    Dr. Anna Rozenberg
    Dr. Karen Saperson
    Dr. Gareth Seaward
    Dr. Dori Seccareccia — Specialty Panel Chair, Settlement
    Dr. Kuppuswami Shivakumar
    Dr. Andrew Stratford
    Dr. David Tam
    Dr. Shaul Tarek
    Dr. Michael Wan
    Dr. Brian Watada

  • Non-Board Members

    Ms. Nadia Bello — Chair
    Dr. Rajiv Bhatla
    Ms. Sharon Rogers
    Dr. Heather Sylvester
    Dr. Angela Wang

  • Board Directors Non-Board Members

    Mr. Peter Pielsticker

    Dr. Olubimpe Ayeni
    Dr. George Beiko
    Dr. Richard Bowry
    Dr. Bryan Chung
    Dr. Patrick Davison — Vice Chair
    Dr. Hae Mi Lee
    Dr. Winnie Leung
    Dr. Colin McCartney
    Dr. Wusun Paek
    Dr. Chris Perkes
    Dr. Kashif Pirzada
    Dr. Suraj Sharma
    Dr. Catherine Smyth
    Dr. Robert Smyth
    Dr. Michael Wan
    Dr. Ted Xenodemetropoulos — Chair

  • Board Directors Non-Board Members

    Dr. Camille Lemieux
    Mr. Paul Malette
    Mr. Peter Pielsticker
    Dr. Sarah Reid — Chair

    Dr. Mohammad Keshoofy
    Dr. Charles Knapp
    Dr. Ken Lee
    Dr. Ashraf Sefin – Vice-Chair
    Dr. Astrid Sjodin
    Dr. Tina Tao

  • Board Directors Non-Board Members

    Mr. Faiq Bilal
    Mr. Murthy Ghandikota
    Mr. Paul Malette
    Dr. Judith Plante — Chair

    Dr. Bruce Fage
    Dr. Diane Hawthorne
    Dr. Anjali Kundi
    Dr. Edith Linkenheil— Vice Chair
    Dr. Sachdeep Rehsia
    Dr. Kim Turner