Registration Applications and Forms

For issuance of a certificate of registration, physicians must complete the applicable application form and all other credentialing and fee requirements set out in the instruction guide.

Update: In December 2016, Council approved a new service fee that allows for expedited review of applications that meet the requirements for a certificate of registration as defined in Ontario Regulation 865/93: Registration. The initial assessment for applicants who select this option will be less than three weeks, which is currently the service standard. Note: expedited review does not include the time required to issue a certificate. Expedited review is also not available for applications with past complaints or investigations by other medical licensing authorities or for applications that must be reviewed by the CPSO’s Registration Committee.

Update: In December 2015, Council approved the Blood Borne Viruses policy. This policy requires physicians who are beginning to perform or assist in performing exposure prone procedures in Ontario (including new registrants) to be tested for HCV, HIV and HBV — if they have not been confirmed immune to HBV — before they commence these procedures. Providing a declaration of testing will be part of new registrants’ initial application to the CPSO.

Other classes of registration

Applications for other classes of registration (i.e. Academic Practice and Supervised Short Duration) may be obtained by contacting the Applications and Credentials Department.

Candidates who already have a registration file in Ontario (i.e. current members or returning previous members) may contact the Applications and Credentials Department to obtain an application package.

Applications and Credentials Department 
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 
80 College Street 
Toronto, ON M5G 2E2 
Telephone: 416-967-2617 

General Guidelines for Registration
Please refer to these Guidelines to help us process your application.

Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions and answers relating to medical registration in Ontario

Guide to Acceptable Criminal Record Checks
Please refer to this guide for more information.

Review of Qualifications
Completion of this form is used to determine your eligibility for registration under the CPSOs registration regulations and policies authorizing medical practice in Ontario.