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Seeking a licence to practice medicine in Ontario? Our Registration & Membership Services Department handles the registration process

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As of October 19, 2020, CPSO is no longer accepting or processing applications received by mail, fax or email. All applications should be submitted via the new Member Portal. Please visit our member portal resources page for additional information and sign-up instructions.


CPSO issues certificates of registration to physicians, allowing them to practise medicine in Ontario. All practising doctors in the province must be members of the College. When you seek licensure, our staff assesses your application to ensure you’ve met all credentialing requirements. 

Ready to apply?

Sign-up for a Member Portal account to begin the application process. To start, you must fill out a self-screening questionnaire that will determine your eligibility for registration under CPSO’s regulations and/or policies. Upon completion, you will be granted access to the registration application forms for which you’re eligible. You can now upload most of your supporting documentation during the application process, as well as manage all communications or questions regarding your registration in the portal’s message centre.

It’s important to note not all applications are available after completing the self-screening questionnaire. A list of applications that require you to contact Registration Inquiries is on the questionnaire’s landing page.

We must verify your qualifications and documents via the source organization. We rely on you completing the appropriate forms and getting source organizations to send us certificates they have issued you.

In exceptional cases where war, civil disruption or natural disaster in an applicant's home country renders primary-source verification impracticable, the College may, on an individual basis, defer the primary-source verification or substitute other steps in place of primary-source verification of the qualification or document in question.

All applicants must also demonstrate their past and present conduct indicates they will practise medicine with mental, moral and medical competence. They must have effective communication skills and an appropriate professional attitude (Section 2(1) of the Registration regulation).

Questions may arise during the application process about an applicant’s conduct, capacity or competence. We refer these applications to our registration committee. Examples of issues include substance abuse, mental illness and misconduct.


Practice limitations

Ontario does not have a "defined" registration certificate, which would circumscribe a person's right to practise into areas similar to a hospital's procedures list. However, doctors are required to limit their practices to those areas where they are suitably "educated and experienced" (Section 2(5) of the Registration regulation).


How do I access documents associated with my application?

You can request copies of certain documents related to your registration file through  the Member Portal's message centre. We process the request in approximately 10-15 business days and will provide the requested documents through the portal's message centre.


What about false or misleading representations?

Section 2(4) of the regulation stipulates that an applicant “who makes any false or misleading representation or declaration on or in connection with an application, by commission or omission, shall be deemed thereafter not to have, and not to have had, the standards and qualifications for a certificate of any class.” Accordingly, if an applicant lies, then they may lose their certificate of registration. In addition, there is a fine of $10,000 under the Health Professions Procedural Code (subsection 92(1) and (2)) for knowingly making false representation or knowingly assisting a person to do so.



If you have any questions or need assistance and have an active application/license, please contact the Inquiries team via the Member Portal message center; otherwise, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, you may call 416-967-2617 or 1-800-268-7096, ext. 617.