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Recognition of RCPSC Subspecialist Affiliate Status

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The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) can grant Subspecialist Affiliate status to internationally trained subspecialists who are not certified in their primary specialty.

CPSO may issue you a restricted certificate of registration to practise independently in your subspecialty if you have:

  • A medical degree from an acceptable medical school;
  • Successfully completed postgraduate training in the subspecialty in which your Subspecialist Affiliate attestation was granted;
  • Obtained the LMCC or completed an acceptable qualifying examination; and
  • Obtained Subspecialist Affiliate status from RCPSC.

In addition to the eligibility requirements above, you must satisfy the non-exemptible requirements set out in Section 2(1) of Ontario Regulation 865/93 to be issued a certificate of registration.