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About Clinic Inspections

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The Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP) was established by regulation in April 2010 to inspect out-of-hospital premises where certain procedures are carried out under anesthesia or sedation as covered by the regulation. The College oversees the program’s activities through its Premises Inspection Committee (PIC).

PIC has the authority to prevent high-risk procedures from being performed in premises that do not meet the standards.  

The information about outcomes/status associated with each OHP relate only to the OHP procedures captured in regulation and performed at the OHP. For each premises, associated information is displayed starting from January 31, 2013. There are three possible outcomes and two administrative statuses that could be designated and made available to the public through the College website. In some instances, further details about the outcome/status are provided. The outcomes are as follows: 

  • Pass. Premises are awarded a pass when they meet all requirements of an OHPIP inspection.
  • Pass with conditions. When a premises receives a pass with conditions, details regarding the specific conditions are provided. The premises can generally continue to perform OHP procedures. This outcome means that the premises will need to comply with specified requirements.
  • Fail. When a premises fails an inspection, doctors at the premises must cease practising those OHP procedures - thereby removing any potential risk to the public. Premises can fail inspections for a number of reasons, including: breaches in infection control, failure to meet conditions or physician qualifications to perform procedures. The reasons for the fail outcome are provided.

The statuses are as follows:

  • Pending. The pending status will be assigned in circumstances where inspections are in progress.
  • Withdrawal. The withdrawal status is assigned when the premises have withdrawn from the program or from performing OHP procedures. Premises that have this status are not permitted to perform OHP procedures but may still be open and performing non-OHP procedures.