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Applications and Forms

Get started on applying for your certificate of registration

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NOTE: Until further notice, please email completed applications and supporting documents to [email protected].  Please arrange for documents from third party sources to also be sent electronically.

Please note the 2020 Application Deadline is Friday, May 15th.  Applications submitted thereafter may result in certificates of registration not being issued for July 1st start dates.


Are you applying to practice medicine in Ontario? Below you will find forms and other requirements you need to get started.

Online Applications through

We are now accepting online applications for medical registration (AMR) through the secure national portal,

The online application is currently available to all first time CPSO applicants who meet the standards and qualifications for a certificate authorizing independent practice outlined in the Ontario Regulation 865/93: Registration.

Effective April 8, 2019, the online application is also available to Ontario residents transferring from a Postgraduate Education certificate to an Independent Practice certificate (i.e. Final Year Residents in Ontario).

More information about this initiative is available in our guide for using the online AMR.

  • These are for physicians with a confirmed appointment to a residency or clinical fellowship at one of Ontario’s six medical schools. 

  • These are for physicians enrolled in a postgraduate medical education program at an accredited medical school in Canada or the US with a confirmed appointment to an elective (not to exceed 15 weeks) at one of six medical schools in Ontario. 

    IMG trainees enrolled in a postgraduate medical education program in the US are eligible only if they passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) or Part 1 of the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination and have satisfactorily completed at least one year of the program.

    International Resident Electives — Applicants currently enrolled in a residency program outside Canada or the US with a confirmed international resident elective appointment at an Ontario medical school must call 416-967-2617 to confirm eligibility and obtain a customized application package. 

  • Independent Practice – Canadian, US and International Medical Graduates
    The online application for medical registration (AMR) in Ontario, available via, is currently only available to first-time applicants in Ontario and final year residents completing postgraduate training in Ontario. See this guideline for more information.

    If you wish to access the online application, you must first submit the review of qualifications form and a copy of your curriculum vitae (i.e. resume) to [email protected]. Completion of this form is used to determine your eligibility for registration. Our review of your qualifications does not guarantee that you will be granted access to the online application, or awarded a Certificate of Registration to practice medicine in Ontario.

    Prior to submitting your online application via, you are required to download and review the Requirements and Guidelines to support your Independent Practice application.

    The following application types are for those who already have a registration file based on current or previous licensure in Ontario. 

    Canadian Free Trade Agreement 
    If you would like an application on the basis of your out-of-province licence under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, please submit the review of qualifications form, a copy of your current out of province license, and curriculum vitae to [email protected].  

  • If you wish to apply under our registration policies, please submit the review of qualifications form and a copy of your curriculum vitae to [email protected]

  • If you’re looking to change your scope or re-enter practice, you can find information and forms to do so on our Ensuring Competence: Changing Scope of Practice and/or Re-entering Practice policy page. 

    While we individualize the process for each physician, it generally includes a needs assessment, training, supervision, and a final assessment.

Other classes of registration

Please contact us if you wish to apply for Academic Practice and Supervised Short Duration. See our registration requirements for details.

Current or returning previous members who already have a registration file in Ontario may contact us to obtain a customized application package.

Please note: Completion of these forms is used to determine your eligibility for registration under the College’s registration regulations and policies authorizing medical practice in Ontario. Our review of your qualifications does not guarantee that you will be awarded a Certificate of Registration to practice medicine in Ontario.

Expedited Assessment

The College offers a service fee that allows for the expedited review of applications. The initial assessment for applicants who select this option will be less than three weeks, which is currently the service standard. Expedited review does not include the time required to issue a certificate. Expedited review is not available for applications with past complaints, investigations, or for applications that must be reviewed by the Registration Committee.


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