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Incorporation Issuance and Renewal

Incorporated medical practices need a Certificate of Authorization to operate in Ontario.

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Important Information for 2020
In acknowledgment of the difficult circumstances for all physicians in Ontario due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have extended the application and payment of incorporation renewals to September 7, 2020. (Received invoices that display a different due date may be disregarded.)

  • The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) permits CPSO members to establish a corporation to practise medicine. For forms and instructions on how to incorporate, visit the Companies Branch of the Ministry of Government Services website or call 416-314-8880. 

    After incorporating, you must apply to the College for a Certificate of Authorization to practise. Note, practising without a certificate or holding out as a professional corporation without a certificate is an offence.

    Important: Before submitting articles of incorporation to the Ministry, ensure the articles, particularly the proposed name of the corporation, meet the requirements for a Certificate of Authorization.

    • You must be a registered member of the CPSO at the time of submission.
    • You must submit a completed application to the College.
    • You must pay the application fee of $400.

    Completed applications take several weeks to process, but the certificate will take effect on the received date.

  • You must renew your Certificate of Authorization annually. The CPSO will send a reminder to the corporation about six weeks before the renewal deadline. You are responsible for initiating the application and paying the $175 fee. We do not accept applications by email.

    If a corporation does not apply or fails to comply with one or more of the requirements, the CPSO will issue a notice to revoke the corporation's Certificate of Authorization in 60 days if unresolved. Upon revocation, the corporation ceases to be a professional corporation and is not authorized to practise.  

  • The following checklist will help corporations meet their obligations under the RHPA and CPSO by-laws to notify the College of a change in shareholders: 

    • Corporations must notify the CPSO of any change in shareholders who are also members of the College.
    •  Corporations must:
      • Submit the designated form, signed by a director of the corporation.
      • Provide notice within 15 days of the shareholder change.
      • Identify new member shareholder(s) and/or the former member shareholder(s), and the date of the change.
      • Send the completed form by regular mail, fax, courier or personal delivery — not email.
      • Address it to the Registrar/CEO, c/o Registration Department, re: Notice of Shareholder Change.
    • Corporations must include a declaration by a director certifying it is in compliance with section 3.2 of the Business Corporations Act.

    Failure to notify the CPSO of a change in shareholders is grounds for revocation of the corporation’s Certificate of Authorization. 

  • If there are any changes to the corporation’s current practice address(es) and/or registered office address, you must submit a change of address form by fax or email. Note, practice addresses are public and appear in the College's online Find a Doctor database. 

  • Holding companies may not own shares in medicine professional corporations. 

    Trustee ownership is only permitted where an individual, as trustee, owns non-voting shares in trust for one or more children, who are minors and beneficiaries, of a voting physician shareholder.  

  • Under the RHPA, corporations must promptly notify the CPSO of every change of corporation name and/or articles of incorporation. Notice must be in writing and include a copy of the certificate of amendment from the Ministry of Government Services. You may submit documents by mail, email or fax (416-967-2659).

  • Upon amalgamation with another corporation, a medicine professional corporation ceases to exist as a separate entity and the CPSO may revoke its Certificate of Authorization. In the event of revocation, the amalgamated corporation must apply for a new Certificate of Authorization before it may practise as a professional corporation.  

  • Health profession corporations incorporated in a jurisdiction outside Ontario, including corporations federally incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act, cannot obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the CPSO. They must incorporate under the Ontario Business Corporations Act, and satisfy the conditions and requirements of the RHPA to be considered a health profession corporation in Ontario. These requirements include filing for a Certificate of Continuance from the Ministry of Government Services. 

    As a first step, corporations from outside Ontario should visit the Companies Branch of the Ministry of Government Services website or call 416-314-8880 to obtain forms and instructions on how to continue the corporation in Ontario. 

    A license issued under the Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporations Act does not qualify for a Certificate of Authorization or recognition as a “health profession corporation” under the RHPA

  • To request a replacement Certificate of Authorization, send your signed, written request, including your corporation ID number and a brief explanation to the Corporations Unit.

    The CPSO mails the replacement Certificate of Authorization to your registered office address, unless indicated otherwise, within two weeks. The College will not fax or provide photocopies of the certificate. 

    Send your request for an electronic copy of the certificate of authorization and payment receipt to the Corporations Unit. There is no fee.