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Physician Wellness

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There are many excellent resources available to physicians regarding physician health and wellness. There are specialty-specific issues around wellness, so physicians are asked to contact their speciality societies for additional information. Our Medical Advisors have curated a list resources to consider:

  1. Physician Health Program, Ontario Medical Association

    The Physician Health Program (PHP) provides confidential support for individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns, substance abuse or other behaviours that have a personal and professional impact, as well as offering support and education to physician leaders, hospitals, and other worksites. PHP is currently offering a virtual Doctors Drop-In Group for the exchange of support and encouragement. Sessions are held daily and are led by a psychiatrist, who is an expert in group therapy.

    PHP confidential toll-free at 1-800-851-6606 or email [email protected]

  2. Physician Wellness Hub, Canadian Medical Association

    Website with resources (links and articles) about physician wellness and burnout.

  3. Mental health and COVID-19: Resources for health care workers, CAMH

    The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is providing access to mental health and addiction supports for health care workers who might be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes a self-referral program for health care providers working in an acute care hospital or long-term care facility in the GTA  in need of psychotherapy and psychiatric services.

  4. Physician wellness, CMPA

    Variety of resources on the importance of physician wellness, CMPA and other services. Includes resources for staying well during COVID-19.

  5. Three steps to coping with anything (including COVID-19)

    Drs. Bob Maunder and Jon Hunter made this video to help their hospital colleagues cope with COVID-19.

  6. COVID-19 Bulletins, Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

    Provides short, practical papers on wellness, including resilience and reducing stress. Key bulletins:

  7. The Working Mind: COVID-19 Self-care & Resilience Guide, Mental Health Commission of Canada

    Evidence-based guidebook designed to promote self-care and resilience. Includes self-assessment tool and resources.

  8. Resilience in the Era of Sustainable Physicians, McMaster University

    e-learning activity designed to learn strategies to enhance personal resilience and wellness, and mitigate the risk of burnout.

  9. Free psychological services for front-line health service providers, Canadian Psychological Association

    Listing of psychologists by province who are providing free services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  10. Prerecorded Mindfulness Videos, Pause4Providers

    Free mindfulness videos guided by Canadian healthcare providers to pause and make space to cultivate well-being and self-compassion.