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Change of Name

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CPSO register must contain your full legal name. It does not permit abbreviations, nicknames, alternate names or initials. You may request to change your name in the register, providing it complies with College by-laws.

You can request a name change by starting a request in the “Membership Services” section of the Member Portal and uploading your supporting documentation. Any communications about your request will be available in the portal’s message centre.

Registrants who require accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC), please contact the Membership Services department by sending a portal message regarding your request.

Below are relevant CPSO by-laws to consider when making your request.

Name in the Register (from General By-Law, s. 48)

  • A member's name full name must be in the register and match the name they used in their undergraduate medical training.
  • A member can change their name in the register if they prove it’s been validly changed since undergraduate medical training and the newer name is not for an improper use.

Public Information (from General By-Law, s. 48, s. 49(1)1 and s. 50.1(1))

  • Every member’s full name is publicly available on the CPSO’s website.
  • Every subsequent, approved change to the member’s name in the register is also publicly available.  

Professional Misconduct (from General By-Law s. 1 (1) 15, O. Reg. 856/93)

  • It is professional misconduct for a member to use a name other than the one registered while providing or offering to provide medical services.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, you may send us a message through the Member Portal message centre or call us at 416-967-2673 or 1-800-268-7096, ext. 673.