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Resignation from Membership

Avoid suspension by formally resigning from CPSO before the renewal deadline.

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A CPSO member can resign from membership at any time by submitting a service request in the “Membership Services” section of the Member Portal

Once you resign, your certificate of registration expires and you must immediately cease all practice activities, including prescribing medications.

If you resign and later wish to resume practise in Ontario, you must submit an application for a new certificate of registration, pay all applicable fees, and meet all registration requirements in force at the time of application.

If you resign in good standing and held an independent practice certificate for 25 continuous years, you might qualify for Emeritus Status

Resignations received during our annual renewal period are processed effective June 1. Resignations received at other times of the year are effective the date of receipt. Membership Services provides written confirmation within four weeks of receiving your resignation notice.

CPSO will not refund any portion of the annual membership fee when members resign part way through the year.